Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Golf Friends

Golf Friends

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Have you ever found yourself with a set of sparkling irons (since we are all so diligent at cleaning them!) in a bag filled with brand new golf balls (and not ones we have found by scavaging at the backs of greens in mogy swamps) with zips that have not broken open and a glove that well fits like a glove... All in all we have the perfect gear the drive behind shooting off to the course yet no one to have a game with??

I spent a year not playing golf - every other weekend I would attempt to call a few mates and try and con them onto the course. In the UK the most common excuse is "the weather" and our longitude ensures that there are only a few playing hours in the bitter winter and no one to share this with!

Now thats why there is a golf site like iGolf where you can make Golf Friends who fit into your schedule! No more begging your mates to play - simply log on and invite them to play! There are hundreds of potential golfers out there waiting for your email!

See you on the course!