Monday, October 09, 2006

Golf Dating

Golf Dating

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Golf dating for me has seen a wonderful change in my life. Firstly I am playing a lot more golf. Secondly I am making a lot more golf friends and thirdly I am losing weight and getting a lot more excercise! (You should have seen my tummy 6 months ago!).

The funny thing is - a fascination I had as a child learning golf was finding golf balls. i used to drive my parents insane as I would hit the ball - then shoot into the bush to find some balls then shoot out again to hit the ball... and so it would continue.

Try doing that when out on a date...

Anyhow - my record so far is 27 and a half balls (dont ask how I found half a ball).

If you are interested in finding a golf partner in your area - please visit me at my site Golf Dating.

Its free to join.

Myself and all my members welcome you!

- Brendan