Thursday, October 12, 2006

Golf Dating - when to pull out the old wood

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It is every Golfers Dream to have a young lady by his side and on the Golf Course. Its every Golfers dream to have a young lady by his side, on the Golf Course and perhaps (not wanting to sounds rude at all) carrying his golf clubs...


It is however not every golfers dream to be on the golf course and being beaten at the driving, the chipping and of course the putting. And to rub salt into the wounds... getting a few extra lead points on the handicap.

Women have the advantage over us men (in the amateaur sense) that they know how to keep a cool head. When have you ever seen a mother lose her rag when surrounded by a hord of hungry kids bleating for a hundred and one different things... So put them on the golf course and voila! Your butt has been kicked, even before the game has started!

Now after just such a game with just such a delightful young very very very nice golfing young lady... I happened to put my foot in it while mourning my loss on the 19th hole. In my distress I suggested we go back to my place where I could pull out the old wood and she could show me a few strokes...

I dont know what it is with me, as soon as I have a drink or two I get all my words muddled up and end up in a awkward and somewhat compromising position...

Would you like to know what happened?

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